Intensify & Beautify a Black & White Portrait

Make a color portrait image pop in black & white by following the below steps:

It’s fast and easy, within a few steps

  • Open the photo in Photoshop;
  • There is quite a lot of different ways to achieve a black & white image in Photoshop, however for portraits specifically it is better to extract¬†the “green channel“, that may sound confusing now, but I will explain how to do it.
  • To do this, go to “Image“, “Apply image” and extract the “channel – green” and change the “blending mode” to “normal“.
  • Duplicate your layer and set the top layer to “Soft light“.
  • Next,¬†create a “New Adjustment layer, Levels“, change the sliders to your liking and set “blending mode” to “overlay” as it produces a more striking effect. You can lower the opacity if needed.
  • Lastly, not necessary but if you’d like to, you can add a more softer look/effect by using “Filter, blur” – “Iris blur” on the model’s face, set the sliders to your liking and there it is, a beautiful black and white portrait that gives the model a more radiant look without color.