How to create a winter image with snow

Below is the steps to create a winter effect:

  • Open the image you’d like to transform into Photoshop
  • Once you have selected your image, create a new adjustment layerGradient map”, make sure your gradient map is set to “black and white”.
  • Next click on your background image and duplicate the layer, by pressing “Ctrl + J” or right click on your image and “duplicate layer”.
  • After you duplicated your layer, go to “Filter”, “Stylize”, “Diffuse”, set your mode to “Lighten only” and change your “blending mode” to “Screen
  • Go back to your original background layer and duplicate it again.
  • Drag the new copied layer to the top of your layer menu, change your “blend mode” to “Soft light” and bring down the “opacity” to around 40%.
  • As you will see the color is now slightly desaturated and to fix this, click on the “Gradient map” layer as we will bring back the skin color. To do so, select your “Brush” tool, set your foreground color to “black”, adjust your “brush opacity” to around “80” and brush over your subject.
  • Next (this one is a bit trickier, but it’s actually easy), I want to apply the “gradient map layer” to the “Diffuse layer”. To do that, hit the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and hold it down then click with your mouse on the gradient map “layer mask” to make a selection of the layer mask itself.
  • Then click the “Diffuse layer” and create a “new layer mask” (this will copy the mask layer onto the ‘diffuse’ layer).
  • Select your top background layer, create a “new adjustment layer”, “Photo Filter”, change the filter to “Cooling filter (82)”, then change your opacity to 40%.
  • Lastly, add some snow to your image, I googled for stock images to save time and to quickly do this tutorial. Place your snow image onto your background, resize to fit your image if needed and change your “blend mode” to “screen”. You can change your “opacity” if needed.
  • And finally, add a “new layer mask”, select your “brush tool” again, make sure your foreground color is set to “black” and slightly brush out some unwanted snow spots on your image.

It’s a very versatile technique to create a snowy image. Enjoy! xx

Here is a screenshot of step 4 & 8 which might make it easier to understand “,