Get creative with a colorful vintage effect:


Open your image in Photoshop and follow the steps below to create this effect:


  • Create a “New Adjustment layer, hue & saturationdecrease the saturation and increase the lightness;
  • Create another “Adjustment layer, vibrance” and increase it slightly;
  • Again, another “Adjustment layer, brightness & contrast“, increase both your sliders to adjust your image.

Next, add some colorful spots using the “brush tool”:

  • With a soft brush, select/pick a bright/light color to add some spots around your image.
  • Recommended colors to use for brushing onto selected areas of the image:
    • bright/light orange
    • light purple
    • light blue
    • light green/yellow
  • Use different colors on different areas to create some colorful effects.
  • Remember to set theblending mode” to “color dodge” or “screen“, depending on your liking and lower the opacity to around 40 – 50%.

After you are happy with the colors, select a “New Adjustment layer, Gradient map” and choose the “Violet / Orange gradient“, set the “blending mode” to either “lighten or screen” and lower the opacity to around 40 – 50%.

Create a “New Layer“, go to “image, apply image” and use the “burn tool” to brush slightly around the edges to create some darker tones and contrast.

  • Create a “New Adjustment layer, “Photo filter” to add a bit more color. (Add about 3 to 4 photo filters)
  • Recommended filters to use:
    • Yellow with density 7 – 9 
    • Violet with density 5 – 6
    • Blue with density 4 – 5
    • Red with density 4 – 5

Add a “bokeh” image to your photo (which you can find online), rotate and place to your liking, then set “blending mode” to “lighten” or “screen” and lower opacity to about 40%.

Lastly, add a Lens flare: Add a “New Layer” and choose the “paint bucket tool“, pick color black fill image with black. Go to “Filter“, “Render, Lens flare” Keep the default settings and just move the flare around to your liking, set “blending mode” to “screen” and lower opacity.

Enjoy, remember you can add more colors, change blending modes, etc. to however you like. “,