Create a double exposure effect in Photoshop


  • In Photoshop, open the ‘model’ image you’d like to use.
  • Firstly start by creating a “New Adjustment layer”, solid color” and select ‘white’.
  • Duplicate the ‘model/background’ layer twice by clicking ‘ctrl + j’.
  • To continue you will need to separate your model from the background.
    • Click on your first duplicated ‘model/background’ layer (hide the top layer for now).
    • Go to “Image”, “Adjustments”, “Curves” and drag your slider to create a ‘s’ shape, this will bring out more contrast to the model.
    • Then select the “Burn tool” and adjust the ‘shadows, midtones & highlights’ by painting over the model.
    • Select the “Brush tool”, color “Black” and paint over the model’s skin so that the model appears all black.
    • Next, go to “Select”, “Color range” and change ‘fuzziness’ accordingly so that model appears black and background all white in the preview screen, then press ok. You will note that your ‘model’ is now a selection.
    • It is recommended that you save the selection, go to “Select”, “Save selection” and name the selection.
    • Create a “layer mask” on the layer and ‘ctrl + i’ (if needed) to invert so that the mask preview shows model black on white.
    • Then go to the ‘top layer’ (the layer you previously hide), unhide and use the same collection, go to “Select”, “Load selection”, choose the selection you just saved to load again. Create a “layer mask” on this layer too, but this layer mask will now show model white on black.
  • Once you’re done with the above, open the ‘other image’ you want to use as your double exposure image.
  • Drag the image down to be displayed under the 2 mask layers that you just did and set the opacity to around 25%.
  • Lastly go back to your ‘first layer mask’ and set the “blending mode” to “Screen”.
  • & the ‘second layer mask’s’ “blending mode” to “Overlay”.


And now you have created a double exposure image “, There is other methods to do this as well, this is just a quick way of creating something a little bit different.