Portrait Perfection


I was recently contacted by Sleeklens and asked if I would like to try out their Portrait Perfection Collection set of Photoshop actions, which is an awesome collection for Portrait editing.

I imported a few of my images that I took earlier to see what looks I can achieve using their actions, I must admit I was really impressed by Sleeklens. When I edit, I am mostly looking for new ways to make my workflow more efficient, and their actions worked well for what I was looking for. Like many of you may know if you shoot in raw, the image are not always exactly as we hope, there is a few bits that needs tweaking before handing the images over or sharing.

I really like the brushes, you can achieve the look you want, depending on your personal way of working. As for me, I wanted to keep a simple and natural look, I focused more on the skin tone, eyes, lips, etc. I love the outcome after I applied some of their actions. There is a lot of actions to choose from and you can play around to a certain preset or style that suits your image. In this images I only used Sleeklens actions and I am again really impressed with the outcome. I didn’t do any adjustments, no levels, no curves, no cloning, no healing tool and no color adjustment outside of the actions.

Not only was it simple and an easy workflow, the installation was just as good. Sleeklens provides instructions, so you don’t need to worry if you might be new at it, they will assist you every step of the way. I enjoyed these actions and I am certainly looking forward to try more of their actions.

 A quick overview of the workflow:

Whether you are a novice or intermediate Photoshop user, these actions can definitely change your way of editing. It will speed up your process, you just run the action and you’ll get great results, after you applied an action, you can go back to your previous layer to see the change and make adjustments as you like. It’s an easy and sufficient way to go. There are a lot of benefits by using these actions, it is useful for all portrait photographers wishing to enhance their images and achieving a more striking image.

Below you can see my before and after images. I was able to achieve this striking look using Sleeklens actions, you will notice the after effect immediately and it was a real ease to edit.

Sleeklens has many more and other workflows for Photoshop as well as for Lightroom, it’s definitely worth checking out.


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